SK服务器付费升级到抗100Gbps Ddos攻击

1 IP Included$59 per IP address (5 IPs – $129 | 13 IPs – $169 | 28 IPs – $229)本来给客户买了抗15Gbps Ddos攻击的云主机,没想到没抗住,SK官方发的邮件说,Ddos攻击达到了25Gbps,看来是要付费升级到100Gbps Ddos防护的节奏啊。不过不便宜啊,额外购买1IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月59美金。5IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月要129美金。13IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月要169美金。28IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月要229美金。
以下是SK官方发来的超过默认15Gbps Ddos防护,空路由邮件通知:

This is a notification that DDoS traffic to has exceeded our limits and has been null routed.If you feel this is in error, please open a ticket and reference IDS entry #c50e7d4a with our support staff at

DDoS Attack Details:
Data Center: Los Angeles
Incoming Bandwidth rate: 25500 Mbps
Incoming packet rate: 4676 Kpps
Protocol: N/A

This entry will be checked and removed if no longer active on Tue Nov 17 05:36 PST.

SharkTECH now provides 100GE DDoS protection. This protection would help filtering attacks of this magnitude.For more information please open a helpdesk ticket for our Sales department.

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