SK服务器付费升级到抗100Gbps Ddos攻击

1 IP Included$59 per IP address (5 IPs – $129 | 13 IPs – $169 | 28 IPs – $229)本来给客户买了抗15Gbps Ddos攻击的云主机,没想到没抗住,SK官方发的邮件说,Ddos攻击达到了25Gbps,看来是要付费升级到100Gbps Ddos防护的节奏啊。不过不便宜啊,额外购买1IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月59美金。5IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月要129美金。13IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月要169美金。28IP,100Gbps Ddos防护,每月要229美金。
以下是SK官方发来的超过默认15Gbps Ddos防护,空路由邮件通知:

This is a notification that DDoS traffic to has exceeded our limits and has been null routed.If you feel this is in error, please open a ticket and reference IDS entry #c50e7d4a with our support staff at

DDoS Attack Details:
Data Center: Los Angeles
Incoming Bandwidth rate: 25500 Mbps
Incoming packet rate: 4676 Kpps
Protocol: N/A

This entry will be checked and removed if no longer active on Tue Nov 17 05:36 PST.

SharkTECH now provides 100GE DDoS protection. This protection would help filtering attacks of this magnitude.For more information please open a helpdesk ticket for our Sales department.








Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that your server has been shutdown for violating our TOS(Terms of Service) and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). To prevent future interruptions of your service with us please carefully review our TOS and AUP.

Violation details:
Receiving DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.
Host IP:

Malicious traffic is disruptive to VPLS network and effects your bandwidth overage. In order to circumvent large bandwidth overage we may have to disable your server..

Further violations will proceed with these following actions:
1st violation – Warning and possible shutdown of server. We will allow 24 hours for you to rectify the problem.
2nd violation – Immediate shutdown of server. We will allow 24 hours for you to rectify the problem. 
3rd violation – Immediate shutdown of server and possible cancellation with no refund.

If you have any questions please contact our abuse department at any time and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. If you need managed services such as firewall services you may contact our staff.’